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        Dual-chamber vacuum machine (computer version) of stainless steel type DTDZ400B/2、DTDZ500B/2、DTDZ600B/2

        I produced a computer-type automatic vacuum packaging machine for packaging a large water content and design of products, the control circuit in Japan, to learn foreign advanced technology with industry experience, the use of micro-computer controller electrical full control, it has a waterproof, moisture, low failure rate, long life and other advantages, these advantages make the device easy to clean, even direct flushing water will not have any electrical failure, the use of international standards body aircraft with 304 stainless steel plate of food, high strength, difficult to damage, it unique tilt table designed to ensure the water does not drain the water so that vacuum-packed products easier to operate.

        DTDZ series vacuum (inflatable) packaging machines using electronic thermostat technology, is my latest version of a computer vacuum packaging machines, use of panel control system, a simple easy to maintain, but also has a super memory, a wide range of uses, suitable for all kinds of flexible packaging materials.

        Technical parameters:

        Model DTDZ400B/2 DTDZ500B/2 DTDZ600B/2
        upply voltage 220V、380V/50HZ、750W 220V、380V/50HZ、1500W 220V、380V/50HZ、1500W
        Displacement 20m3/h 2X20m3/h 2X20m3/h
        Vacuum chamber size 400×350×80mm 500×450×100mm 600×550×120mm
        Work cycle time 15-40sec 15-40sec 15-40sec
        Machine size 1000×540×920mm 1250×750×950mm 1450×750×990mm
        Machine Weight 200kg 270kg 380kg

        Photo Gallery:

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