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        Bagged Liquid Automatic Packaging Machine YB-1

        Main Purpose:
        . The package applies to soy sauce, vinegar, juice, milk and other liquids, using 0.08 mm polyethylene film, molding, bag, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing   process, such as cutting off all automatic, and in the packaging film before UV disinfection, in line with the requirements of food hygiene.

        Technical Parameters:
        Production efficiency: 2000 bags / hour
        . Packaging quality of :200-500 g / bag
        . Filling accuracy: ± 1.5% / bag
        . Films sizes: Thickness: 0.08 mm, width: 320 mm (240mm)
        . Power: 220 V/380V 50Hz
        . Complete machine power: 1.2 Kw
        . The device weighs: 350 kg
        . Dimension 1057 × 750 × 1850mm

        Principle Features:
        This automatic process liquid packaging machine parts used in all made of stainless steel or high Zixibeng quantitative balance tank filling, heat sealing straight   cut, bag size, packaging, weight, temperature regulator closures cut convenient and reliable, production date ribbon print, and at the letters, dorsal closure,   electro-optical tracking.

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