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        Vertical powder packaging machine

        Name Type: Vertical powder packaging machine XJIV-6848-PA

        The use of packaging: suitable for packaging powder: milk powder, soybean meal, wheat flour, powder and all other categories.

          1, with a servo motor control, screw measurement methods, precision up to 1 ℅.
          2, adjust the product without the weight of any tools.
        Screw measuring machine technical parameters:
        Measurement methods Screw rotary filling
        Package weight 100 -5000g (alter screw accessory)
        Weighing range 1-6000ml(disdinguishbility)
        Packaging accuracy ≤100g(accuracy)≤0.5-1g  100-1000g(accuracy)0.5﹪-1﹪   >1000g(accuracy)≤0.25﹪-0.5﹪
        Packing speed 10-50(bags/min)
        Three-phase power 380V/(AC)220V50-60HZ
        Power 7.5KW
        Machine Weight 1200KG

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