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        Pillow-style Automatic Packaging Machine TDB-450

        Main Purpose:
        . The Pillow-style packaging machine can be used for biscuits, cakes, Danhuangbai, rice cake, ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate products such as bulk   packaging, and are particularly suited to small quantities of a single product packaging.

        Technical Parameters:
        Packaging film thickness :5-60 mm
        . Packaging: 60-200 speed packet / min
        . Bag dimensions: width of 70-300 mm 20-120 mm high 5-60 mm
        . Power: 220 V/3KW
        . Dimensions: length 4200 mm width 1500 mm 850 mm high
        . Weight: 800 kg

        Principle Features:
        Special adjustable bag, the better adapt to the current multi-species, multi-specification packaging requirements.
        . Differential feed, in the operation of machinery can be expected to facilitate the realization for the adjustment of position.
        . Advanced microcomputer packaging controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, the speed bag long, tangential position detection can be displayed directly   on the interface.
        . Sliding Wang Feng, Wang can be moved from arbitrary adjustment of the centre of a high degree of closure.
        . Imports of color-detector, so that more accurate color detection Netted, ruled, Shu Wen-sealed optional.
        . Frequency Control to facilitate simple

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